Singular approaches to health do not work. This is why LIFE Fit offer a range of progressive programs that concentrate on improving your health and helping you to lose weight by increasing not only your physical health but your mental and emotional health as well.

The unique way in which we combine the elements of physical, mental and nutritional health and fitness offers you real life-changing results that are profoundly phenomenal, remarkably powerful and fun all at the same time.

LIFE Fit Plans

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LIFE Fit Plans

With your own LIFE Fit coach, you will work through a progressive program to improve your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

LIFE Fit is designed to deliver results with increased and improved mindset, confidence, mental strength and general health with lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels together with desired body changes all of which are realistic, achievable and sustainable.

We help you to identify and change habits and behaviors and help you to understand the link between your environment, nutrition, physical activity and mental health,

Our LIFE Fit coaches are highly trained in physical and mental wellbeing and are genuinely passionate about health and fitness and are all motivated and focused on your body transformation and personal self-growth

“An extensive study into happiness and productivity has found that workers are 13% more productive when happy.”

“We found that when workers are happier, they work faster by making more calls per hour worked and importantly, convert more calls to sales,” said University of Oxfords Professor De’Neve.

The wellbeing of your staff is paramount to your company’s success. A healthy workplace culture and employee wellbeing is fundamental in breeding an effective workforce.

LIFE Fit is a progressive program that concentrates on improving your employees happiness by increasing not just their physical health but their mental and emotional health too.

With a happier, healthier, more focused and cohesive workforce you will see an increase in their creativity, efficiency and focus and if that isn’t enough, you will benefit from employee relationships becoming more harmonious with individual morale and a  sense of team connectivity all increasing.

Focusing on physical and mental wellbeing through a monitored, progressive program will improve the overall physical and mental health of your employees.

What does this mean to you? Put simply, it means increased profits, reduced sick days and improved staff retention.

Children and teenagers have always been influenced by what they see in the media, today more than ever. With the constant exposure through various social media platforms and with no real escape from the pressures imposed on them to be present on these platforms, teenagers no longer have just their celebrity idols to imitate. With everyone posting everything, today’s societal image is harder than ever to live up to and maintain and this can lead to many teenagers feeling overwhelmed and under worthy, leading to low self-esteem and with a negative body image.

Using age appropriate training technique, your LIFE Fit coach will work with your teenager to overcome these feelings of negative self worth and following the LIFE Fit program we will use food, nutrition, physical activity and emotional guidance, to generate a positive body image, a strong mind and a realisation of self worth and confidence.

Have you found yourself avoiding any intimacy with your partner? Can you remember when the intimacy stopped, or why you no longer seek it? Do you even go out of your way to avoid it?

Have you ever wondered why the thought of getting naked and erm… hands on with your partner causes more of an eye-rolling dread than it does a passion enthralled excitement?

Even the closest of relationships can experience problem areas. For one partner within a relationship to feel unwilling or unable to share intimate moments is very common, even if everything else in your relationship is doing well. This lack of intimacy and lost bond between a couple can have long-lasting and devastating effects on a relationship and both parties within it.

It is important then, to investigate the source of why you no longer feel comfortable or confident with your partner intimately.

Your LIFE Fit coach will work with you independently or as a couple to explore what is stopping you from wanting to enjoy EVERY aspect of your relationship by improving your mindset, developing a better body confidence and discovering, understanding and overcoming any insecurities.

LIFE Fit is not simply about personal training and as a LIFE Fit coach, you will not simply be a personal trainer!

The role of a LIFE Fit coach is multi-layered, highly significant and entirely rewarding but the opportunity is not available to everyone. The role of a LIFE Fit coach requires specific skills and levels of compassion and understanding that are not demonstrated by all.

If you have a genuine passion for helping people to overcome their obstacles to be the best versions of themselves and you are looking for a challenging and highly rewarding career in the health and fitness industry, becoming a LIFE Fit coach could be your next best step.

With full training before you start and ongoing training throughout your career, as a LIFE Fit coach you will be fully supported as you guide your clients through their LIFE Fit journey.

You will be joining a highly passionate team of health and fitness providers with the opportunity of progressing your career within LIFE Fit.

You would be joining the LIFE Fit family with the opportunity of building strong bonds with your fellow coaches through training weekends, coaches events and clients retreats.

If this sounds interesting to you and you would like to learn more, get in touch with us today.

We have positions across the UK!

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LIFE Fit Retreats

Working together with our team and partners to bring you ever better training seminars, coaches events and clients retreats. LIFE Fit retreats will be back just as soon as we know when we can all travel safely again.

As my husband and I are now in our 50’s we wanted to get fit ! We started with LIFE Fit in Sep 20 twice a week. It was challenging as we had not done any fitness for so long! After seeing the noticeable changes in our bodies, in January 2021 we upped it to 3 times a week and with the guidance of our coach, we learned to make better food choices and reduce our sugar and chocolate intake. What a difference it has made to our results and fitness levels!! Our LIFE Fit coach has tailored our sessions to suit us individually and she is always giving us new exercises to push ourselves more and more every time. I am now much fitter, lighter and slimmer than I have been in over 10 years! So happy to look and feel this good, all thanks to LIFE Fit.

Sam LIFE Fit Client

I came across the LIFE Fit Program at a time of rising life pressures, many of which I deemed out of my control. Living with family mental wellbeing challenges and having itchy feet at work at an age where job changing and/or retraining are not so easy, I felt trapped, unproductive and generally dissatisfied. As I progressed through the program, it became clear to me that this was the perfect starting point to regain life control and to find different perspectives. The program covered a wide variety of topics in a gentle and subtle conversational manner, and provided many practices to continue to develop oneself on an ongoing basis. My LIFE Fit coach had amazing communication skills and demonstrated that he is an effective and active listener. He seamlessly weaved the course contents into the life subjects I raised and he engaged in such a giving and passionate way, it gave the course extra potency. Since starting the course, changes started fairly quickly. My two-year blockage preventing me from starting to write a novel melted within the first week or two. General contentment levels have risen and I can tackle mundane jobs without them feeling just a weight and a chore. The best measure of the efficacy of LIFE Fit was my wife’s summary saying I had more focus, more energy (passive and active) and more resilience.

Rob LIFE Fit Client

My wife and I decided to contact LIFE Fit as we wanted to have a healthier lifestyle and we are so happy with our progress in terms of looking better, feeling better and also having more energy. It has not been easy especially with lockdown but our coach has been brilliant. She always keeps it fresh, is always positive, works around any slight aches and pains you have and really knows her craft both in terms of food intake and the type of exercises needed to impact different muscle groups. We cannot recommend LIFE Fit highly enough and thank you for all your help so far.

Ian LIFE Fit Client

I just wanted to drop you a line with a word of thanks for all your help and guidance. Initially I was very concerned about talking to a stranger about personal issues, thoughts and feelings, mainly due to my conditioning as a child. I found your insight absolutely amazing, your interpretation and words really have helped me understand myself and others. I already find myself questioning my words and actions, although at times I still slip up. Thanks to you I can now embrace the emotions I have been hiding, this has been a massive help to me, I will be forever in your debt. I couldn’t recommend you enough and I certainly will be doing just that. Best wishes to you, your family and your future endeavours

Anon LIFE Fit Client

Its Tuesday for us its Spanish xmas on Monday but YES I am so ready! planning my weekly menu and going food shopping this afternoon, I can’t wait to prep everything I read your book every minute I have, its very inspirational

Sophie LIFE Fit Client