LIFE Fit is a company of highly knowledgeable coaches who are each trained and experienced in physical and psychological well-being and improvement. Each of our coaches have a high standard of conduct to meet, a continuous personal development program to follow and only the most passionate and compassionate coaches are invited to work under the LIFE Fit banner and deliver the LIFE Fit service.

The wellbeing of your staff is paramount to your company’s success. A healthy workplace culture and employee wellbeing is fundamental in breeding an effective workforce.

LIFE Fit is a progressive program that concentrates on improving your employees happiness by increasing not just their physical health but their mental and emotional health too.

Companies with an effective well-being program in place has 13% higher revenue per employee.

Key Benefits to your Company

  • Improve employee relationships
  • Improve employee focus & concentration
  • Improve employee productivity and performance
  • Increase creativity, efficiency & innovation
  • Increase team bonding and issue resolution
  • Create a comradery  amongst employees 
  • Increase employee morale 
  • Reduce absenteeism 
  • Increase staff retention
  • Enjoy Executive Only retreats
  • Celebrate and congratulate your team with company fitness & wellness retreats

Corporate Packages

Workplaces and workloads can be stressful and overwhelming which has a negative impact on yours and your employees mental and physical health. With LIFE Fit we can help you to create a happy, healthy workforce.

With a happier, healthier, more focused and cohesive workforce you will see an increase in their creativity, efficiency and focus and if that isn’t enough, you will benefit from employee relationships becoming more harmonious with individual morale and a sense of team connectivity all increasing.

Focusing on physical wellbeing, nutrition, emotional support, mental strengthening and self-awareness together with goal setting, self-growth and self-awareness delivered through a monitored, progressive program, LIFE Fit improves the overall physical and mental health of you and your employees with a choice of package options available.

As an employer, you will feel the benefits for yourself, see benefits in your employees and reap the benefits in your firms increased productivity and profit margins.

If all that wasn’t enough, you will also be invited to enjoy the various LIFE Fit fitness and wellness retreats, where you will experience the perfect combination of relaxation, fitness and entertainment as you unwind and rejuvenate in luxury.

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One of the important lessons we have learned from the last two years is that both our physical and mental health are fundamentally important.

We have now seen that mental health plays such a vital role in our everyday lives and has a direct impact on our physical health. This is also true of nutritional health and these three factors combined are what makes up our overall wellbeing.

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How can health affect your work & your business

LIFE Fit Retreats

Working together with our team and partners to bring you ever better retreats, breaks and events. LIFE Fit retreats will be back just as soon as we know it is safe for us all travel again.