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life fit before and afterlife fit before and after
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Sam LIFE Fit Client

Review As my husband and I are now in our 50’s we wanted to get fit ! We started with Jess in Sep 20 twice a week. It was challenging as we had not done any fitness for so long! After seeing the noticeable changes in our bodies, in January 2021 we upped it to 3 times a week with Jess and cut out all the bad food ie sugar and chocolate. What a difference it has made to our results and fitness levels!! Jess has tailored our sessions to suit us individually and she is always giving us new exercises to push ourselves more and more every time. I am now much fitter, lighter and slimmer than I have been in over 10 years! So happy to look and feel this good, all thanks to Jess.

Rob LIFE Fit Client

Review I came across Life Fit Program at a time of rising life pressures, many of which I deemed out of my control. Living with family mental wellbeing challenges and having itchy feet at work at an age where job changing and/or retraining are not so easy, I felt trapped, unproductive and generally dissatisfied. Trained coach Gareth ran this 6-week course, and as it progressed, it became clear to me that this was the perfect starting point to regain life control and to find different perspectives. The course covered a wide variety of topics in a gentle and subtle conversational manner, and provided many practices to continue to develop oneself on an ongoing basis. Gareth’s amazing communication skills demonstrated that he is an effective and active listener. He seamlessly weaved the course contents into the life subjects I raised and he engaged in such giving and passionate way, it gave the course extra potency. Since starting the course, changes started fairly quickly. My two-year blockage preventing me from starting to write a novel melted within the first week or two. General contentment levels have risen and I can tackle mundane jobs without them feeling just a weight and a chore. The best measure of the efficacy of Gareth’s course was my wife’s summary saying I had more focus, more energy (passive and active) and more resilience.

Ian LIFE Fit Client

Review My wife and I decided to contact Jess who we knew as we wanted to have a healthier lifestyle. We started in September last year and we are so happy with our progress in terms of looking better, feeling better and also having more energy. It has not been easy especially with lockdown but Jess has been brilliant. She always keeps it fresh, is always positive, works around any slight aches and pains you have and really knows her craft both in terms of food intake and the type of exercises needed to impact different muscle groups. We cannot recommend Life Fit and Jess highly enough and thank you for all your help so far.

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